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Anonymous asked: 1 Hiiii so I’m sending this on anon bc you may want to publish this and I don’t have a 1d blog, only a personal one and I’d rather not have loads of people looking into my personal life haha :) though if you want to talk let me know! So I don’t have a big expose on L&H or anything, I just wanted to say I agree with you re the weird narrative that’s developing around this band?




2 One of my best mates worked in PR until a couple of months ago (she now works in advertising) & the company she worked for were approached & offered the chance to work with 1d – I think it was for developing the packaging/look of the MM album? Anyway what I distinctly remember her telling me about the brief was that the message they wanted to push with this album was that “the boys are growing up” (I remember those were the exact words)

3 idk if it would have been the record label or management dealing w/ that but I just thought it was really interesting. Bc currently the image 1d seem to have is a very bipolar one and none of their team seems to be making any effort to push it one way or the other – they’re still seen as very pop, very tween-oriented, yet there’s this massive narrative about Harry in the media that he’s a total sex monster (and a lesser one about Zayn cheating etc)

4 & it just strikes me as very odd that if some people in 1d’s team are after this more mature image, why aren’t they pushing the music more? Why do they still market this old, childish merchandise? Why are they still being featured in little girl’s pop magazines? Seems to me that there is a desire for the growing up narrative to develop, but plenty of people within their team don’t want to let go of the old formula.

5 I honestly think that nobody in their management has sat down and come up with a good long term business plan for them because tbh we’ve never really seen a band as ridiculously successful as 1d in the age of the internet & social media. (that’s all, i dont know how much i told you that you didn’t already know, but i guess it’s “proof” that some people w/in their brand want to change 1d’s image…)


Wow, this is very interesting, because from my perspective it has been very whiplash-inducing: With the third album you get these signals that they want to mature the band image, but then you have all of this going back to old ways, and it’s very clear the album hasn’t been pushed very effectively, and it’s all very odd. So this seems very much to be a case of power struggles between people making the decisions, who are not on the same page.

That said, Harry’s tabloid image is a separate matter. It doesn’t originate with the third album—it especially originates with the marketing for their first single, WMYB, in fall 2011, and is strongly correlated with project promotions, but it first got intense in spring 2012, in reaction to growing public perception that Harry was gay: in March and April 2012 there were many, many tabloid stories, a new girl everyday, all while Harry and Louis were being extremely transparent about their closet.

I think that their team was just extremely literal-minded and thought that the best way to fight gay rumors was to throw a ton of girls at him—without thinking through how it fit in with the band image. And so now we get some of his extremely young fans, like eight years old, who know about the womanizing rumors (even if they are too young to full understand, hopefully).

If you want to talk, feel free to send me a message off-anon!

Assuming that their initial intent with M.M was introducing the boys to wider audience with more mature sounds of the album -i think it’s very possible it was their recording company’s plan since they are more involved in music and management company’s responsibility is marketing that sound, i think someone had put “their priorities” before band business and stick to the songs that would be safer choices as a promo to the current fanbase and would bring the most money.

The rest is management-related, you should skip it if it bores you.

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